Top 10 Web Design trends for 2019

Technology is part of our life and is here to stay and improve its dominion. Due to this, information is now transmitted more easily and websites are one of the channels through which the information floods. Technology and people’s interests are constantly evolving  during the years so it is more than expected that changes will be made regularly for the need of improvement or just for the need of innovation.

In order for a website to become a success, and its content to attract audience, the creator needs to give special attention to the web design trends and a “why?” is out of the question here. Changes are expected, advancement in technology is a certainty, we have history to prove these trends, so it comes down to, do you want to keep attract audience? keep their interests alive? Then focus on their likes and reinvent when necessary.


In this article we will focus on what we think to be the top 10 web design trends you need to take in consideration for 2019.


  1. Speed

After you have made everything look nice and professional on your website, speed is probably one of the most important things you need to take in consideration. Basically a nice picture and an interesting text drives people to your website to find out more, but a website that downloads information to slowly pushes them away. People today are in a constant hurry and with little patience, so you should probably take in consideration this behaviour and improve the speed of loading your website’s content.

As people use more and more their mobile phones, and turn them in “little computers” for basic needs, it is no surprise that in recent years web browsing using a mobile phone exceeded web browsing using a PC. In July 2018, Google’s “Speed Update” has been rolled out for improving mobile searches, which works as a ranking factor for websites that load faster than others.

It is a known fact that Web designers need to focus more on speed while designing the website.


  1. Mobile First

It is no secret that today, mobile phones  and people are inseparable. Maybe we use them for the sole interest of social media or just for the quick information that they are able to provide, no matter what interest you may have. The reality is that we use more our mobile phones to browse on the internet than any other device that can offer the same functionality or even more.

If at the beginning, websites were structured specially to fit a desktop and afterwards modified to be displayed on a mobile phone, now things go the other way around. If you haven’t done your website mobile friendly, and you still focus on desktop sites, than you are missing a lot of audience.


  1. Subtle animations

It is known that animations catch the attention of people and that is why a lot of sites use them to ease their business in attracting their customers.

Another fact is that using to much of it and to direct, tends to annoy and all that won attention will transform in a negative aspect for your site. Know when to draw the line. Animations are intended to become a huge success in catching attention, but they will become more subtle in order not to the pester the eye.


  1. Fluid shapes

In terms of shapes, if in the past straight lines, hard edges and the usage of geometrical figures were at the core of every website design, now more fluid and circular shapes are meant to own this field. Probably this has a lot to do with the way people started thinking and behaving, as freedom and general happiness is seen as more a natural state, and rules of the past do not apply as good as before. Fluid shapes can be seen as, freedom of thinking in a certain way thus making people more engaged in your website and the information transmitted.

Fluid shapes and circles are mobile friendly due to the rounded corners of the device and this makes the experience of browsing more easy and catchy for the eye.


  1. More colour

Till recently, good taste in colour was placed in a safe place, with temperate shades while the usage of bold colours was seen as kitsch, due to its throwback to the 90’s feeling that came with it, when web design was at its beginning and designers used way to much colour, thus making websites look clustered.

Recent times have been the perfect terrain to bring back colour and thus it is expected to be used more. Bright colours attract faster the eye, rather than neutral colours, and also stimulates people’s curiosity more.

Web designers today understand more about human behaviour and trigger elements, they acknowledge that the right colours and selection of nuances can create a huge impact on someone’s feelings and attention and they are using this to their own advantage, by integrating again color in their websites. This has become a marketing tool, that in the present web designers know how to use it the smart way.



  1. Typography

If you read till this point, we are sure that by now you understand that the entire image and structure of websites are meant to be modified in order to attract today’s audience.

Typography can attract attention exactly as a cute photo or a nice colour, if you know how to use it to your advantage. Said and done, displayed texts are now bigger and bolder, practically they are hard to be missed by the viewer’s eye.

However it is not just about the size, the style in which the text is written is becoming of greater importance. It has come to the point that web designers understand that being different and unique is something that can be achieved easily by using their own font. A great impact in this trends popularity, is the higher screen resolutions that exists today, which made custom fonts be as readable as standard ones.


  1. Video Backgrounds

Speed might be of main focus when it comes to sites, as already discussed, a site that loads slowly will not attract the public, videos are normally thought to sustain that idea but the reality is that video backgrounds actually increase conversion.

Videos are by far superior to texts and photos when it comes to transmitting information, due to the fact that they attract more curiosity and interest. Videos are also way more easy to use when you want to explain a complex information that would be difficult to present through normal text. With videos, this kind of messages are more detailed, more simple to understand by people and take less time to assimilate.

In order to have a successful video background to your site you need to take in considerations some criterias like keeping it short with high-quality appearance and also permit the possibility to be muted. You have people’s attention for a short time, so make the best of it.


  1. Illustrations and SVG images

Today’s society trends promote uniqueness and applauds the idea of standing out. Being different as an individual, as a group, thinking outside of the box and expressing freely your artistic side, all this can be of great interest to use in addressing the general public.

Custom made fonts for your sites, new shades, different ways of writing and displaying  your story, simpler illustrations, being something else and then selling this to everyone.

The time when standard photos made their job is long passed, people appreciate more and more something that is not easily reachable. A simple photo can tell more than a 1000 well written words could. It is time to put more effort into art, create personalised photos that express the nature of your site through the eyes of the beholders and customise them to fit perfectly over all platforms.

It is a certainty that this trend is here and is set to stay for a long time, as being unique is popular and personalised photos sustain this.


  1. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

More and more, the job of chat support is take over by bots which, due to technological advancements, have evolved to the point where they can take the role of providing information and answering questions for customers with ease.

This process has been more and more integrated within different services, to the extent that they have become, more or less, the norm. You might of encountered one of them while reaching out to your local provider, or during a chat support session with a big company over their website, that wants you to go through some basic troubleshooting steps before reaching next level support.

While chatbots had a rough start, making things more complicated than not, they have continuously progressed, due to the machine learning and AI improvements, to where they can offer great customer support, while at the same time collecting information for your marketing or sales team so they can better target your interests.

These automated helpers will continue to evolve and take over more and more of any website’s processes, where all your actions will be streamlined and customized for the clients experience. This will lead to your own digital print to be collected by the company, where they know exactly what you are looking for, based on previous interactions, and get you where you want to be without much distraction.


  1. Single Page Design

Have you thought of a single page design style? Probably doesn’t sound very appealing and from SEO digital marketing standpoint, it’s not such a great idea, but regardless of the cons, businesses use them due to a series of advantages.

As you can read from the name, this sites have only one page, yes you are reading it right, the information is easily put and kept short, which actually makes it friendly for desktop and mobile browsing altogether. Due to the fact that you cannot find a lot of stuff that would block the site like JAVA, CSS  they load quickly, no matter the device used, and also updates or modifications can be made really easy and fast, this way businesses stay up to date with your site, without effort.

Most certainly this is not a top trend yet, but will have a huge impact coming 2019.


Web design trends are a variable in this domain, always inclined to improvement and change due to the audience tendency to evolve or modify their behaviour. If you want your site to stay real, keep in touch with what is trending.

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